Paul A. Dillon, CMC
Dillon Consulting Services LLC
Durham, NC   .   Chicago, IL
cell: 708-224-1278
fax: 312-424-4262
email: [email protected]

Paul A. Dillon is the president and CEO of Dillon Consulting Services LLC, which serves the veteran community.

Paul is currently an Adjunct Instructor at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University, where he created and teaches a course entitled, “PubPol 830.01. Public Policy and Veterans: A Social Policy Seminar—The Case of Returning Military Veterans”.

He has served as a consultant to Crain’s Chicago Business and was the primary researcher for the widely acclaimed Crain’s Veterans in the Workplace Focus Section that appeared in the November 3, 2011 edition, in addition to other initiatives for this publication.

Mr. Dillon is the creator of the concept for a veteran startup incubator in Chicago, which eventually became Bunker Labs. See link to the op-ed that started the whole thing in Chicago:


This op-ed was cited in the announcement of the formation of The Bunker, now known as Bunker Labs:


Paul also is the creator of the concept for a veteran startup support organization in North Carolina called VetStart, which has been recently rebranded as Bunker RDU.

Dillon Consulting Services LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.

Paul A. Dillon is a Certified Management Consultant, who has more than forty-seven years of successful business development, client relationship, and project management experience with professional services firms. Mr. Dillon’s clients have ranged from small, family-held businesses, such as Sportscorp Recreational Products, and non-profits, to major clients, such as Lucent Technologies, Inc., Unicom (now Exelon) Thermal Technologies, Inc., Ameritech (now AT&T) International, Amoco (now British Petroleum), Inland Steel, American Airlines, and the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Dillon also has managed client relationships for engagements with the State of Illinois, the City of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools, including the construction audit for Chicago Public Schools $1 billion building program

Mr. Dillon was the creator of Super Collector Services, the first program of its kind in the United States for the professional collection and resolution of high-level corporate and government debt. For the more than fourteen years, Mr. Dillon served as the supervisor of elections to the National Radio Hall of Fame at Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications, and for the Chicago Chapter, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for the Emmy Awards.

Mr. Dillon had profit/loss responsibility for a major Chicago real estate appraisal and consulting firm, as well as direct management responsibility for the successful completion of important consulting projects, with an aggregate construction value of more than $3 billion. His assignments included the audit of the construction management of the James R. Thompson Center in Chicago for the Illinois Auditor General.

Mr. Dillon received his A.B. Degree from John Carroll University (Cleveland, Ohio), a M.S. degree from Northern Illinois University (DeKalb, Illinois), and has completed advanced graduate study in systems management at the University of Southern California, (Ft. Rucker Branch). Paul was the recipient of a Doctor of Humanities (D.Hum.) degree Honoris Causa from The Chicago School (formerly The Chicago School of Professional Psychology), where he served as a trustee.

Dr. Dillon was a Visiting Lecturer in Management at the College of Business Administration, University of Illinois at Chicago, and was a Visiting Lecturer and the creator of a mini-course entitled, “Law and Veterans’ Issues: Policy Challenges and Best Practices” at the Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago. (See Veteran’s Course Material tab for a description of this course).

He has served as a trustee of The Chicago School ,and also served as a Public Member and Commissioner on the national Commission for Case Manager Certification, which certifies case managers in the health sciences, social services, and psychological services throughout the United States.

Additional information can be found at his LinkedIn profile at: